cookie dough

I have a question: What is it that makes cookie dough SO delicious?

A. The “living on the edge” feeling that we get from consuming raw eggs
B. The grainy sugar and butter texture
C. The ease of spooning scoop after scoop in to our mouths?
D. All of the above

This cookie dough, which eventually turned in to oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies, was no exception.

I won’t lie to you…  I probably ate about three cookies worth of this stuff.  And I’m not even sorry.

(Oh, and for the record, these cookies are also delicious in their slightly crunchier cooked form.)

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, from BakedBree

1 stick butter
2 cups brown sugar
2 cups flour, sifted
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
2 cups old fashioned oats (not the quick-cooking kind!)
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup white chocolate chips
1 cup chopped pecans

Cream together butter and brown sugar (It won’t be fluffy because there’s not enough butter.  Don’t freak out.)  Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.  Add the vanilla.

Add all dry ingredients to the mixture, and mix well until incorporated.  Add oats, chocolate chips, and pecans, and mix with a wooden spoon.  The batter is very dry and thick, so if it’s crumbly, you did it right.

Form cookies in to balls and flatten slightly before baking on a parchment-lined cookie sheet at 350 degrees.  I made one batch of enormous cookies which took about 14 minutes to cook and another smaller batch which took about 11 minutes.  Keep an eye on the cookies and take them out of the oven when the edges turn golden brown.

Eat.  Or do what I did and take them to work and watch as your coworkers turn in to lifelong friends and taste-testers.


book review: “little bee”

My favorite books are the ones I can’t seem to put down.  The ones I sneak in to work with me so I can read on my lunch break.  The ones that make me stay up way too late because I can’t wait until morning to find out what happens next.  Little Bee is one of those books.  I bought it at Half Price Books on Tuesday afternoon and finished it Thursday afternoon.  Addicting.  Seriously.

Little Bee is a book about two women from two very different worlds: a suburb of London and the beaches of Nigeria.  When their worlds collide, neither woman leaves the encounter unaffected.  This book is the story of their second meeting and the events that follow.  I would tell you more about the plot, but here’s the thing…  I can’t.  Because if I did, Little Bee just wouldn’t be quite as good.  Its page-turner quality is in the suspense.  This book kept me guessing from start to finish; the story’s surprises just never seem to end.  That’s what makes Little Bee a great read: the “oh, I need to find out what happens next!” feeling as you turn the pages.

Overall, I would recommend Little Bee.  As long as you don’t plan on using it as a “bedtime reader.”  Just trust me and don’t do it.  For one, you won’t sleep because you won’t be able to put it down.  And two, well, it’s not exactly a lighthearted frolicking-in-the-fields kind of read.

So go read this book.  And then let me know if you find it as surprising and well-written as I did.

good cup, good coffee, good morning

I am a woman who NEEDS a cup (or two) of coffee every morning in order to function.  Just ask my family.  Or my roommates.  Or my boss…  You get the idea.  And for some reason, drinking my morning coffee out of my favorite mug just makes my day seem that much brighter:

THE “diva” mug.  It just makes my coffee taste better, I’m telling you.

Or maybe it just makes me feel extra feisty and fabulous and ready to start my day…  I guess we’ll never know.

Do you have a favorite “I feel extra special today” coffee mug?

heaven in a jar

First things first. Before I tell you all about my most recent heavenly food discovery, I have to take a second and tell you about one of my favorite blogs. Jenna writes about healthy living and eating, and I just love love love reading her blog. It’s a teeny bit addicting. (AND she mentioned my little blog today in one of her posts!! Thanks, Jenna!)

Now, on to serious business. I have found a new favorite condiment/food group: White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co. WHITE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER, people!! I stumbled across this little jar at Central Market last week, and decided to give it a try…

As you can see, I’ve given it more than just a try. (And I’m not ashamed.)

Moral of the story: you should try this stuff. Because it’s amazing. I love it in steel cut oats mashed up with bananas and brown sugar… and I love it straight out of the jar on a spoon. Say it with me: mmmmmmmmm!

true love

So many things to love about this routine from this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. I love Travis Wall’s choreography, I love these two dancers, and…  well, I just love everything about this.

Also, I feel like these two would probably make the cutest couple in history.  I mean, really.

god bless america

Things I love about the 4th of July:

  • Barbecue food and fruity desserts
  • Family time
  • Fireworks
  • 4th of July sales at the mall (my mom and I definitely tore a few of THOSE up today!)
  • A day off from work and 42nd Street rehearsal
  • Patriotic songs
  • ONE MONTH until my birthday.  Yes, that’s correct.  ONE.  MONTH.

To help us all celebrate this obviously fabulous day, here is my all-time favorite version of “God Bless America,” sung by tenor Ronan Tynan at Yankee Stadium.  Enjoy!

now, really…

Here’s a little riddle for you:

What’s red or yellow, makes a “blink blink” noise, and could save your life?

Call me old fashioned, but USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS, PEOPLE!!

(Phew!  I guess driving 85 miles every day to work and rehearsal has caused a bit of pent-up road rage.)