i am…

… a college student, entering my senior (eek!) year at the University of Texas

… European at heart

… obsessed with the arts

… an aspiring foodie

… a writer

… deathly afraid of anything creepy-crawly

… constantly dancing around my room, in my car, and anywhere else there’s room

… always busy (and I wouldn’t have it any other way)

… excited to welcome you to my blog!  I don’t have a plan, a theme, a rhyme, or a reason for this project, but after blogging for four months during my study abroad program in Paris last spring (http://sarahsaysbonjour.wordpress.com), I realized that I didn’t want to stop writing just because my feet were firmly planted on American soil.  So here I am, armed with an assortment of observations, experiences, occasional snide comments, and even delicious baking experiments to share with you…

But for now, I’ll just leave you with a little somethin’ beautiful:

sunset over the aegean sea.

As they say in France, à bientôt, mes amis! (See you soon, my friends!)


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